Affinity Solutions

Affinity Solutions provides solutions for Major Financial Institutions, National Retailers & Brands and Media companies. Most of my work is centered around the loyalty program for Major Financial Institutions.

My Value for Affinity Solutions

UX Designer

Improve usability and best practices, work with clients to drive better design decisions.

UI Designer

Design modern user interfaces and create reusable pattern libraries.

HTML Prototyper

Implement front end to create a more fluid user experience. Introduced Sass to modularize the design language.

User Advocate

Empathize with users and stakeholders to create valuable products that serve both.

Product Strategy

Worked across client redesigns to test and build product enhancements, spreading the risk across redesigns.


  • Site redesigns
  • Landing pages
  • Accessible designs
  • Form redesigns
  • Email & banner production


  • Usability testing
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Client presentations
  • Sketches, wireframes, mockups, HTML

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Case Studies