I'm a UX Designer with an
Empathetic Tech Mindset


I started coding when I was 11 and always loved to create things. However, at first these programs did not consider users; they were designed around the structure of the language rather than how people would use them.

Asking Why

When started doing web development, I got really curious about users and began to ask my clients “Why?”. Realizing the importance of the user, we began to think of the user experience holistically: marketing, content, user flows, etc...

UX Design

Now I design experiences by thinking about technology, humans and business. I design with empathy and facilitate design and innovation through leadership while considering: accessibility, technical feasibility, security and more.

Case Studies

What Others Say

Christina Panay: EVP Marketing Solutions Gijo Mathew: SVP Product & UX Kavita J Patel: Business Owner


Selected Readings