I'm a UX Designer with a Strategic Algorithmic Mindset


I started coding when I was 11 and always loved to create things. However, these initial programs did not quite consider users; they were designed around the structure of the language rather than how people would use them.

UX Design

When I started doing web development, I got really curious about users and began to ask my clients “Why?”. Realizing the importance of the user, we began to think of the user experience more strategically and wholistically.

UX Strategy

Now, I design experiences considering people, technology and business. I facilitate design for both long term strategy and near term releases across various domains such as accessibility, feasibility, security and more.

It all began in middle school…

I got my first Zenith computer and I learned how to program in QBASIC. I was fascinated by writing code.

Then in high school…I learned Visual Basic, C++ and Java

I was supposed to do programming for the rest of my life, so I went to
NYU for Computer Engineering.

I learned about the computer from the lowest level, the electron to the highest level, the operating system.

My passion seemed to be stronger than ever learning parallel systems, computer architecture, and how systems work from a holistic view.

I started to do research in Computer Science with a focus in Security.

I learned about the problems with security in hardware and software and the so-called “evil users” always undoing security features.

I did an internship at Intel working on software security, co-authoring a patent. At one of the talks I saw Genevieve Bell talk. I think she said:

“the future of computing is experiences?”

I couldn't believe it at the time. I saw computers as a means to end as a way to get the desired output from the input.

BUT.. the seed was planted.

I discovered what was missing beyond the atoms and operating systems...

The User

What was the purpose of everything engineers do?

Answer: HUMANS (“the user”), making their lives better, solving a problem.

…On the side I had been doing web development, because I love creating things... Everyone who knows computers knows how to make a website right?

Yes we can build websites technically, but will that website matter? It only matters if it helps the users and business succeed, if it solves a problem.

My clients and I had lots of discussions and finally started empathizing with the user by mapping out the experiences we implicitly designed.
I started out a UX team of one and methodologically increased the design and build quality by introducing better processes & best practices, user research, design thinking sessions, transparent risk documentation and full circle accessibility. I currently enjoy a designing future visionary concepts that inform roadmap and strategy.


  • Modern UI
  • Accessibility
  • Usability
  • User Interviews


  • Pattern Library
  • Platform as a Product
  • Driving Business Outcomes


  • Interactive Analytics
  • More Mature UX Practice


  • Business & Design
  • Discovery Driven Planning
  • Data Visualization
  • Visionary Concepts
  • Design Strategy

Methodical improvement of quality over the years

Fun Facts

I sing karaoke (only at bars, no requests at interviews please)

I'm curious about other cultures and people

I make a pretty mean meal-prep

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